Sunday 11 July 2021

OpenMPTCProuter v0.58.5

Small changes:

  • Fix issue with mac address when using VLAN
  • Fix dashboard error after a timeout

Monday 21 June 2021

OpenMPTCProuter v0.58.4


  • Fix firewall issue on blocking IP/ports from LAN
  • Fix firewall issue when a source IP is specified

Friday 18 June 2021

OpenMPTCProuter v0.58.3

Some changes:

  • Update MPTCP
  • Sysupgrade now download right image based on filesystem and EFI
  • Fix UDP over shadowsocks

Wednesday 16 June 2021

OpenMPTCProuter v0.58.2

Small change again:

  • Add back IPv6 settings in Network->Interfaces

Tuesday 15 June 2021

OpenMPTCProuter v0.58.1

Only one change:

  • Fix import of old configuration backup

Monday 14 June 2021

OpenMPTCProuter v0.58


  • IPv6 WAN and VPS support
  • Checkbox in wizard to enable DNS64
  • Support for interfaces alias
  • VLAN support in wizard
  • Directly upgrade from the web interface
  • Option to keep installed packages after upgrade
  • Update V2Ray
  • Update Shadowsocks-libev
  • Update RPI4 Firmware
  • Add some monitoring data in luci-app-mptcp
  • Multipath TCP update
  • Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X support (not really stable)
  • FriendlyELEC NanoPI R4S support (4GB version)
  • Realtek 8156 for USB to ethernet 2.5G support
  • Wireguard can be used for MPTCP over VPN
  • Support up to 16 WANs on x86_64 instead of 8 on other platforms
  • HTTP test to server API after ping test on WAN
  • Option to reboot interface if down
  • DNSSEC enabled by default
  • Add MPTCP round robin settings
  • Many fixes

OpenMPTCProuter VPS 0.1026:

  • Wireguard support for MPTCP over VPN
  • Kernel update
  • Debian packages for all parts
  • Some fixes

Server part MUST be updated

Tuesday 5 January 2021

OpenMPTCProuter v0.57.3


  • Fix Glorytun TCP and Glorytun UDP web interface
  • Fix import old configuration backup
  • BBRv2 alpha really available on RPI4 64 bits image
  • Banana Pi BPI-R2 working image
  • Update MPTCP

OpenMPTCProuter VPS 0.1014:

  • Update MPTCP
  • Update Linux Kernel

Thursday 31 December 2020

OpenMPTCProuter v0.57.2


  • Fix Glorytun-UDP when interface set in backup mode
  • Add GRE tunnel tracker
  • Add option to enable/disable interface auto rename
  • Add TCP Congestion Control BBRv2 alpha on ARM64

Tuesday 22 December 2020

OpenMPTCProuter v0.57


  • BBR2 alpha support for 64bits processor
  • OpenVPN UDP Bonding support
  • V2Ray update
  • TCPdump web interface
  • Glorytun UDP and TCP new interfaces with better support
  • Fix Glorytun UDP timeout after 1h
  • Fix slow protocols added in omr-bypass
  • other fixes

(version number is not updated when update from old version, this is fixed in 0.57.1)

OpenMPTCProuter VPS 0.1023:

  • Update V2Ray
  • Update kernel
  • BBR2 alpha support
  • Some fixes

VPS update is required for BBR2 and V2Ray support

Tuesday 10 November 2020

OpenMPTCProuter v0.56.5


  • Fix on wizard with QMI, NCM and ModemManager protocol
  • Fix IPv6 support
  • Fix OMR-ByPass protocols using wildcards domains

OpenMPTCProuter VPS v0.1022:

  • Amazon AWS EC2 support

Update of the VPS is not needed, only change is AWS support.

Friday 6 November 2020

OpenMPTCProuter v0.56.4


  • Add a wait delay settings after failed test by OMR-Tracker
  • Update RPI4 firmware tools and add a patch to fix "ring expansion failed" issue
  • Fix IPv6 with V2Ray
  • Various small fixes

OpenMPTCProuter v0.1020:

  • Add possibility to change V2Ray user ID from the router to the server
  • Update to Linux 5.4.74

Saturday 31 October 2020

OpenMPTCProuter v0.56.3

Somes fixes:

  • Fix status page CSS
  • Fix adding interfaces in wizard in all cases
  • Fix add custom latency to an interface support
  • Fix various log errors

OpenMPTCProuter VPS v0.1020:

  • Restart glorytun TCP if it's selected VPN and not working
  • Increase MLVPN default reorder buffer size

Thursday 29 October 2020

OpenMPTCProuter v0.56.2

This minor release only fix adding MacVLAN interface in wizard

OpenMPTCProuter v0.56.1

Small fixes:

  • MLVPN work now
  • Fix on interface creation in Wizard
  • Fix error on MPTCP routes after an interface was removed in some case
  • Block QUIC by default to force TCP usage instead of UDP

OpenMPTCProuter VPS v0.1019:

  • Fix on shadowsocks update key
  • Less log with v2ray

Tuesday 27 October 2020

OpenMPTCProuter v0.56


  • V2Ray support for TCP and UDP (proxy can be selected in wizard between shadowsocks and v2ray)
  • V2Ray reverse proxy support
  • Domain support as VPS address
  • NanoPi R2S official support
  • Improvement on LTE dongle
  • Kernel and packages update
  • MLVPN is back
  • MPTCP update
  • Dashboard with VPS info
  • omr-test-speed with multiples locations servers
  • Enable/disable rules in omr-bypass
  • More complete LAN/WAN settings in wizard
  • Many fixes

OpenMPTCProuter VPS v0.1018:

  • Update kernel
  • MPTCP updated
  • V2Ray support

Update of the VPS part is needed.

Tuesday 25 August 2020

OpenMPTCProuter v0.55.3

Small fixes:

  • omr-bypass mac address is working again
  • fix when no IP set in wizard
  • Fix RPI4 eeprom update script

Friday 21 August 2020

OpenMPTCProuter v0.55.2

Fixes & update:

  • Fix in OMR-ByPass
  • Fix issue when 2 interfaces and one is set as backup
  • Update rpi-eeprom

Monday 17 August 2020

OpenMPTCProuter v0.55.1

OpenMPTCProuter v0.55.1 (bugfixes release):

  • Fix open TCP and UDP port on server firewall
  • Add german translation
  • Fix IPv6 aggregation
  • Remove some ping logs
  • workaround for "ring expansion failed" error

Monday 10 August 2020

OpenMPTCProuter v0.55

OpenMPTCProuter v0.55:

  • Kernel 5.4 based
  • MPTCP updated
  • interfaces omr-bypass and MPTCP ported to javascript
  • Load balancing support when no VPS available
  • VPS failover doesn't use Nginx HA anymore
  • More infos for QMI, modemmanager and huawei modems
  • A new shutdown app
  • Add Argon theme support
  • Multi users support (ACL)
  • Server multi IPs support
  • Add https-dns-proxy for DoH support
  • Add Full Cone Nat support
  • Multipath settings available for each interface in Network->Interfaces
  • MacVLAN settings available for each interface in Network->Interfaces
  • Espressobin v7 support
  • Many more changes
  • Many bugs fixes

OpenMPTCProuter VPS v0.1017:

  • Update to kernel 5.4
  • MPTCP updated

Update of the VPS part is needed.

Other news:

Thank you for all donations that help pay for hardware, servers, phone bills used for testing, and the CDN.

Tuesday 10 March 2020

OpenMPTCProuter v0.54


  • Update of Shadowsocks-libev and v2ray plugin
  • Latest MPTCP 0.95 commit
  • Mobile signal info on status page for multiples devices type
  • Image of less then 50Mo for WRT3200ACM and WRT32X
  • MLVPN is back
  • Many fixes

OpenMPTCProuter VPS 0.1013:

  • Update kernel to 4.19.104
  • Many fixes

update of the VPS part is needed.

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